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Zovko Family Story

Andrija Zovko, the "Medjugorje Heralder" was gifted with the faith of the centurian..Andy was born and raised in Medjugorje, but like many he made a decision to leave his beloved land to escape the communist regime. With all his possessions in one suitcase he arrived in Chicago with his wife, Maria, and his son Zdenko.  Andy was closely involved with the information coming out of Medjugorje regarding the Marion apparitions.  He tirelessly knocked on doors of churches to announce and inform the local priests of the apparitions in his homeland now so far away.  His English was broken, but he handed sheets of information to the parish priests to explain what Mary wanted the world to know.

     For the last 20 years the Zovko family has been organizing pilgrimages to Medjugorje.  Andy would tirelessly bring the pilgrims to his beloved country often traveling with his sons, Zdenko and Bruno.  Always his days fulfilled the Blessed Virgin's request of - Prayer and Fasting.  He would carry his St. Benedict cross and hold it as he prayed with and for people.  At a private apparition with the visionary Marija in Medjugorje, this particular St. Benedict cross was blessed by the Blessed Virgin.  It was by means of this powerful sacramental that some people received healings.
     Andy passed away on June 26, 2008, but his faith and love for the Blessed Virgin remains in his family.  Ask the pilgrims of Medjugorje about Andy and they will tell of a beautiful man always praying.  Andy is buried in Medjugorje. 





Now here we are!  The Zovko Brothers!!!  Our Mission is to get as many people to wear the bracelets as possible.

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