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Best Shar Character Guide For DND beginners
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unearthed arcana
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Feb 23, 2021
7:06 AM
Clerics pray to Shar at night. Since Shar's faith is a faith that is always kept in the shadows, she has only one fixed party: the Moon Festival.

In it, Shar's followers celebrate the Rise of Darkness, the leaders of each cell outlining the plans to carry out during the next year on a recently sacrificed body.

The clerics of Shar are once forced to perform an act of perversion to the green flame blade 5e. It is not mandatory, but the ideal is to perform this act just after performing the Nightfall ritual. The Nightfall ritual is a ritual that is celebrated every night and is a long ritual that begins with a cleric or a black-haired woman reciting the instructions of the goddess and is celebrated through dances and a feast.

The most important ceremony of the clergymen in the service of Shar is the Kiss of the Lady in this celebration during a whole night sacrifices and celebrations are carried out to honor Shar. The Lady's Kiss ends at dawn with a banquet. This ritual is celebrated with some regularity and is decreed by the Dark Night according to its will.

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