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Jul 07, 2018
7:45 AM
Dear Poor Business Owners,

Since you do not have the courtesy to treat people fairly, nor do you seem to possess a conscience to return peoples requests on what the status is of their order, it can only be determined that you do not know how to run a business, or you are a thief. Death in a family could also be a possibility, but no other options.

That being said, I will look on you as Christ has taught us, the same way he looked upon all sinners, especially the tax collector who stole from the poor. I cannot excuse such sad dealings with many innocent people, it is never to be excused, but I will commend you to God through the intercession of St. Benedict and let vengeance be His alone.

Pray to know yourself, whether this is a failing business and you had no idea what to do anymore, or you simply need to steal from others in order to sustain yourself, there is a way to change the course of these damaging dynamics that are affecting many innocent people ...ask God for His mercy and help. But shame on you if you feel your actions are justifiably correct.

Peace be with you...
Caroline Flack
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Sep 11, 2018
6:25 AM
God did not want us to be inadequate, after all if his cathedral was inadequate how were expected to increase his kingdom? There are documented records in the Holy bible that reveals that Christ and His followers were actually quite rich. Before Christ split the five loaves and the seafood to nourish the 5000 he requested Judas, the treasurer if there was enough cash to buy the foodstuff. According to the Do My Dissertation For Me Judas said no but for Christ to even ask signifies that there must have been a lot of profit thier value. There are other samples of this throughout the Holy bible.

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