February 9, 2013 @ 2:11 PM

I got into this business for the Blessed Mother. Since my brother, Bruno, lives in Medjugorje,  Bruno and I  worked out a wholesale side to our storefront with several large gift shops in the USA.  Bruno sends the shipments of the bracelets and other items in bulk, so I am the guy who gets to deliver the merchandise.  Our mission is to provide the bracelets and other religious articles at the lowest cost possible. The more people that are wearing the bracelets the better!  I never quite imagined when he sent me these bracelets that I would be selling this many. 

I believe the St. Benedict bracelet is powerful. If I could get everyone I know to wear the bracelets, I would.  Keeping this in mind, I set out for Marytown with their order.  I always pray about my work, so as usual I got in my truck and prayed for an easy trip. 

In prayer, I began reflecting on my need for trust. It was a Monday, and the week before was terrible at my other job. (I am a maintence guy during the day in the city). Every day there was a new problem.  The water heater was not working in one of my main buildings.  Ugh!  it was a very serious because the tenants need hot water.  Right?! 

So besides the past week's problems, we had an opportunity to visit friends from our prayer group the night before.  Sunday is a great day for this kind of fellowship. We were with Father Charlie and his priest friend from Poland.  The hostess and her husband are like family to us.  It was a wonderful time.  Being with two very holy priests and having all the kids together for a dinner almost made me forget about the past weeks troubles. Prayer makes this all possible.

Then my phone rang... It was Priscilla the hostess of the dinner.  Priscilla was explaining how she did not know what was going through her head, but, she felt a loss of peace.  She asked me for prayers.  I told her of course, but you are probably just tired.  It was a late night for all of us.  I began to tell her how hard my job has been lately.  It seemed to me that I was never going to get to Marytown.  I was supposed to go last week but the problems with the water heater were never resolved.  Priscilla reminded me of the need to pray over all of this.  The devil must not be happy.  The devil does not like you doing work for the saints and especially St. Benedict. I don't think he wants you to finish your delivery...............

At that moment, I saw smoke.  It was my tire.  I was completely shocked.  My tires were not old.  My tire blew entirely off the rim. Was Priscilla right?   Is it the Devil trying to keep me from getting to Marytown?  Could I be under attack?

When this all happened, I FELT AN EVEN DEEPER NEED FOR TRUST! 



Surprisingly, Priscilla had not mentioned to me that she was on the road until now.  She asked me where I was at on the highway.  I told her not to worry about me, I will wait and get a tow truck.  But, when I told her where I was anyway, she happened to be only a few miles from me on the road. 


Priscilla came down the highway with her kids.  To my amazement, she was there before the tow truck was ready to leave. I was able to put my 2,000 bracelets in the car and off we went to Marytown.

By the time I was done with my delivery, the tires were fixed.  Thanks to the assistance of the angels, Mercy prevailed!